What is the difference between Assisted Living and Memory Care?

Assisted living is for adults who need help with the basic requirements of daily life but are still otherwise independent. Assisted living offers assistance with meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and many more services. For adults who struggle with cognitive impairment, they would be safer and happier in a memory care community. Memory care communities offer the same assistance but are specifically designed to meet the needs of those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

How do I Know When It's Time for Assisted Living?

• Household chores not done
• Changes in the normal upkeep of the kitchen
• Signs of Incontinence
• Decline in Health or Personal Care
I•ssues Taking Medications
• Changes in Behavior

How do I Know When It's Time for Memory Care?

• A deteriorating ability to plan or solve problems
• Difficulty with familiar tasks
• Confusion with time or place
• Unfamiliar with surroundings
• New problems with words while writing or speaking
• Misplacing items or losing the ability to retrace steps
• Poor judgment
• Withdrawal from social activities
• Changes in mood or personality

How is care paid for at Michigan House Senior Living?

Medicare/Medicaid do not typically cover the costs of assisted living/memory care expenses. Michigan House Senior Living is a private pay facility.

Are there any admissions requirements for Michigan House Senior Living?

Before admission, each prospective resident is assessed by a trained, licensed staff member and discussions with your loved one and family members. A physical examination and record of tuberculosis (TB) screening or chest X-ray within 30 days of the date of admission are also required.

Are other medical services offered?

Yes, as a convenience to our residents, primary care, dentistry, podiatry and regularly offered onsite by visiting medical professionals. Additional medical services such as therapy, nutritional services, wound care, diabetes care, IV therapy, or home and hospice care are coordinated through our medical team to meet each resident’s individual health needs. These services may be paid by Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurance.

Can a resident be admitted from home?

Yes, when a loved one no longer wants the responsibility of maintaining a household and may need additional help with daily routines, some families seek the safety and convenience of an assisted living or memory care community.  The decision to move to assisted living or memory care can be difficult.  We work with families and loved ones to meet their timelines and ensure a seamless and smooth transition from their previous home to ours at Michigan House Senior Living.

My loved one is in a rehabilitation center, and it’s not safe for them to go back home. What do I do?

Michigan House Senior Living offers assisted living and memory care for those who may need assistance with activities of daily living. Our staff regularly works with area rehabilitation facilities and physicians to help transition those who need to continue their care to Michigan House Senior Living for ongoing assistance.

Is therapy for residents provided at Michigan House Senior Living?

While we do not have on-site rehabilitation, therapy services including speech, occupational and physical therapy are available upon request.  Since Michigan House Senior Living is home to residents, home health and hospice care are also available here just as they would be at a private home.

Who will be taking care of my loved one?

Our care team is led by a Resident Care Director. The Resident Care Director and our Executive Director oversee residents’ care.  Licensed practice nurses, certified nurse aids and care partners provide 24-hour assistance to residents.  Our dietary department provides healthy and appealing daily menus including fresh and seasonal produce.

Can residents continue to use their primary care physician?

Many residents continue to see their primary care physicians, while others choose to transition to the primary care physician who visits Michigan House Senior Living weekly and are on-call nightly for more urgent matters.

Are there any additional fees for social outings?

Michigan House Senior Living offers many opportunities for residents to remain engaged in our community by dining out, shopping and enjoying other local entertainment.   We offer transportation and staff support at no additional cost.  Residents are responsible for the cost of their meals and other off-site purchases.

What about hospice?

Should your loved one need hospice services, the provider you choose would come to Michigan House Senior Living. Our caring staff works closely with area providers to honor the wishes of your family and loved one. Our priority is preserving dignity while making your loved one comfortable and peaceful in their home.